Poland to begin offering its visas to Omanis through the Dutch embassy in Oman

April 09, 2014
visas to Omanis
The ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Saudi Arabia, Witold Smidowski, stated (or, announced) today that visit visas to Poland for Omanis will now be issued in the in Muscat, in the Sultanate of Oman itself, through the Dutch embassy. The visas for eligible Omanis will begin to be issued (or, commence) beginning April 1, 2014, and for this, an agreement has already been signed between Poland and Denmark.

The ambassador also stated that this was a happy development and it should bring cheer to all the concerned as those Omanis who used to go all the way to Abu Dhabi or Riyadh could get the visit right in their own country. Also, because of the new development, the ambassador stated, there would be more interactions and cooperation in the fields such as education, economy and culture. Witold Smidowski also stated that there would now be a waiting time of only about a week for a visitor visa to be issued, further to all the documents being provided to the consulate. He said that with these kinds of developments in the recent past and now, the relationships between the two countries was on the correct path. 

In the recent past, various dignitaries of the two countries have exchanged visits. And, these include Chairman of the Polish Upper House of Senate who made a visit to Oman about two years ago and Dr Yahya bin Mahfoudh al Mantheri, Chairman of the State Council, who travelled to Poland, one year ago. The ambassador also disclosed there have been a number of meetings, projects, joint researches, visits, etc, between the ordinary citizens and dignitaries of the two countries, and this has also led to a dialogue and closer relationship between the two countries.      

Witold Smidowski also expressed his happiness that more number of Omanis were studying in Poland now than in the past and this trend was growing. He added that Oman’s state council has set up an Omani-Polish friendship group and his country too has done the same and all of this would lead to more active exchanges and contact between the two countries. He also revealed that Poland’s minister for culture would visit Oman towards the end of this month (April).
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