Political Parties in Quebec Promise a Smooth Integration and More Jobs for Immigrants

August 11, 2018
The date of the provincial election is October 1st and it is approaching fast. The political parties, who challenge the Liberals, have started to outline their proposals regarding immigration.  They are offering access to skilled immigrant professionals to the employers by the use of an efficient process.

Québec Solidaire, has an immigration plan in its campaign for the provincial elections. It has proposed to set up a network of Information Centers called the Carrefours d’acceuil en immigration.

Political Parties in Quebec Promise a Smooth Integration and More Jobs for Immigrants

Any immigrant reaching the province without having a reference, or a job, or knowledge regarding services can opt to leave Quebec if there is an easier or a simpler route to integration by a Canadian province.

French language classes

These centers will be located in all the provincial regions of and there is a need to operate them under Immigration Ministry of Quebec. Immigrants will get all relevant information regarding jobs, French language classes, and also some basic support services through them. It proposes to increase funding support to classes of French-language in the province. This proposal covers the classes of companies operating in the province.

Professionals intending to immigrate to Quebec will find it easy to get jobs if this proposal happens. This will also make sure that the students studying outside Canada do not have a disadvantage in comparison to an immigrant who has studied in Canada before applying for immigration.

Also there is a proposal to include a program that will authorize all public sector employers to employ a minimum of 25 of their employees from candidates belonging to ethnic and visible minorities.

Other facts

The Parti Québécois and the Coalition Avenir Québec also have new measures which they plan to introduce if they assume power in the elections.

Parti Québécois’ focuses on encouraging immigrants to settle outside Montreal so that all regions benefit from immigration. They intend to permit only those who have proficiency in French to immigrate into the province. Additionally there is a fast-track processing exclusive for applicants having a valid job offer.

Coalition Avenir Québec promises to give immigrants entering the province up to three years to become proficient in French and also to prove their pledge towards Quebec values. It indicated that the candidates who fail to fulfill the requirements in a specific time will face some action from federal authorities.

Candidates need to become proficient in French and also adopt Quebec values for success in the province.

The approach of liberals 

The liberals have passed a new Expression of Interest immigration system recently, emphasizing to reward immigrants who settle in outlining areas. They are also promoting occupations having a high demand.

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