Population of foreign born in the USA near to its high levels

September 28, 2015
According to a report, the population of the foreign born people who migrate to the US and living there has increased, and it’s on the verge of breaking old records of 125 years within the upcoming decade.

The report said that in 2015, there are around 13.7% people who have born in foreign countries and who are living in the US and it is projected to move upwards to 14.9% in 2025. The US previous high was in the year 1890 with 14.8%. When the people from Ireland, Poland, Italy and other countries coming for migration to the US. 

Population of foreign born in the US nears high

The report came at a time in the campaign for presidential election, as candidates from both the parties are debating the appropriate role of immigration to the US. The overseas-born population is representing the growth share of the electorate.

Leading Republican and front-runner Donald Trump said that both the legal and illegal immigration has got out of control. He also said that the US needs to limit its legal immigration, and all candidates of GOP should push for the increase in border security.

Hilary Clinton has send across a welcome message, calling for protecting the immigrants in the US who are undocumented and residing in the country and a system of immigration that can help some immigrants group in entering the country.
Foreign-born people include naturalized citizens, visa holders, permanent residents who are legal and undocumented immigrants.

The rise in the population of foreign-born people increased after Former President Johnson signed the 1965’s Act of Immigration and Nationality.
According to the report, the combine population of foreign-born nationals and their children who were born in the US is 26%. It is estimated that this is going to rise to 36% in the year 2065.

Asians will surpass Hispanics and will become the largest group of immigrants. This year, around 47% of the population of foreign-born people is Hispanic. And Asians with 26%. By the year 2055, it has estimated that the Asians will lead with 36% when compared to Hispanic’s 34%. Since the 1965 Act, migrants to the US, their children and their grandchildren accounts for 55% for the US population growth with 72 million people.

According to the poll conducted for the report, 45% of the Americans says that the immigrants make the improved American society, and 37% thinks opposite to that.

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