Portugal is the best country for European residency

July 04, 2015
Portugal to attract immigrants under golden residency permit programme

Sea, sun and a grand kitchen is what Portugal renowned by the rest of the world, and It’s high time for anybody who want to secure residency in Portugal. As in this week, Portugal have announced the reduction in the amount of investment for those seeking residency with just a minimum amount of €350,000 one can now get residency in the Portugal.

Surprisingly, the amount of investment for Golden Residency Investment Program which has come into force in October 2012 has been reduced to €350,000 from €500,000 in order to make  cheapest residency program in Europe so to attract people to invest in Portugal.

With this, it is not only the cheapest programme, As Greece had already a cheapest Programme under real estate. But, since the Greece economy is reeling under turbulence, country like Portugal, which is very stable will draw benefits.

“Many of our clients for obtaining visa in the EU by real estate are  preferring Portuguese Golden Visa Programme” said Dominik Zunkovic.

This program also offers alternative option, such as a person can invest 1m Euros in a local bank account, or create 10 jobs in the local job market.

Henley and partners in their Golden Residency Permit Program called it is the best residency program in the world. With this program, Portugal as being the part of schengen zone can open gates for European Citizenship.

Access to residency in Portugal means a person can travel visa free to 25 countries. Also, no taxes are levied  expect during business transaction.

Residency permit is also usually issued in five to eight weeks. This golden visa is initially valid for one year  and might get renewed twice for two year if investor resides in Portugal at least for seven days during first year and fourteen days during the second year residence.

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