Post Brexit 200000 valid immigrants required to scale up UK's economy

May 22, 2017

United Kingdom’s decision to move out of European Union has resulted in certain drastic condition for UK’s economy. With the majority of population ageing faster, labour shortage and lower productivity with efficiency to convert the requirements Immigration can turn into a Boon in disguise for Nation to regain its upbeat economic status.

Post Brexit 200000 valid immigrants required to scale up UK

To avoid such a dreadful consequence, UK requires twice the employee strength every year through its immigration channel.Considering the onslaught of the current economic phase, the turmoil is its existing policies needs to restated to induce more flexible immigration policies to avoid situation faced by Japan in the past successive years.

There have been reports that labour demand acquisition will get more serious owing to the current economic upheaval faced by the country. Considering such a scenario the UK needs to plan to issue at least 1,30,000 international immigrants with valid work Visas to push the declining Economy to a new level where it can start growing and with firm sending messages about its robustness at a global stage.

The ratio of current working population age statistics to the people aged over 65 does not favour the economic growth.This ratio will fall under 3.5 which indicates that most people who have crossed 65 yrs of age will keep on increasing which poses a certain threat to the condition and quality of work being expected out of individuals who are required to be fit and prove a certain standard of health.This scenario has raised concern to consider immigration as a great alternative to improve the economic health vis a vis promote tourism.

Major ministries in the UK have started a debate on how the Immigration policies need to stage in front of other nations post-Brexit.A reduction of 15% cut in the number of migrants from the current figure of 335,000 has got their Economy on a downside which can be revived if another 60,000 migrants are added additional which will solace the current crisis.

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