Post-Brexit Five-Year UK Work Visas Planned

March 24, 2017

The government of the United Kingdom is pondering on the possibility of a five-year permits plan that would enable a lot of international workers to get jobs in the United Kingdom, especially those in the information technology sector, reports have said. Ministers are thinking about schemes that would provide more multi-year permits to foreigners in important areas of the economy, a prominent paper in the country published.

A dated permit would be issued out to foreigners coming into the United Kingdom with employment offers already. It would be similar to what is already obtainable by non-European Union citizens.

The advantages attached to this are restricted.

The committee in charge of Migration said it would provide expert opinion on a number of permits to be issued out to migrants, reports stated.

According to reports in the dailies, a prominent figure stated: “The easiest path is to possess these five-year permits.

We have provisions for you if you are offered employment in your field of specialisation and you don’t receive your benefits, and you leave. The committee in charge of this is an independent body supported by the home office in the country. It has published research on the United Kingdom’s shortage of employees and workers.

Secretary of the home office, Amber Rudd, acknowledged the unimpeded movement of labour across markets, which happens to be one of the founding principles of the European Union, would be terminated when Brexit takes effect.

“One thing I can make certain is that the unimpeded movement of labour across markets would cease under Brexit,” Amber disclosed in a report. She stated that the government is in search for a variety of choices for a brand new migration scheme with plans to build firms and jobs this coming summer.

A representative of the office told reports “We already told you we would take advantage of our exit from the union to reshape our migration policies, and we are sticking by that greatly.

The plans put in place would be made public when the time is right for that.”

As the current administration toys with the prospects of a British-based technology hiring companies’ ability to employ skilled workers, the prospects for newcomers into the game is looking a little better.

Tech City in the UK, which holds the decision to give out around 200 permits to persons with amazing skills in digital technology, has also been given additional privileges by the Home Office to hand out around 50 permits to a set of individuals it deems fit to come into the United Kingdom by the end of the first quarter.

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