President Obama's migration plan would allow work permits for overseas professionals

November 03, 2015
President Obama administration has prepared a new memo that will allow the employers to rapidly and economically get the work permits for hiring millions of less wage overseas graduates.

If it is approved by Obama, then it is expected that around 3 million workers, migrants and the students including 1.5 million college graduates will be straight away eligible for work permits at the upfront cost of 580 dollars per overseas hire for the employers.

President Obama’s migration plan would allow work permits for overseas professionals

But at the same time granting of work permits will also put a tremendous effect on the Americans, and especially to the college graduates.

Every year around 8,00,000 US citizens graduate with the skilled degrees in the streams like business, medicine, engineering , science and computers.  Many of them could not find out jobs in their choice of fields and the fresh plan will force them to fight for the jobs against many of the overseas graduates who will take less wage job hoping that they would get the citizenship of the US and its countless tax payer benefits.

Obama tried to improve the inflow of the migrants in the US. The new plan which is described in the memo will be replacing the November 2014 amnesty by Obama administration for around five million illegals which is blocked by the federal court.

The memo said that the policy is to keep the illegals and the overseas workers in the US unless they become voters.  Pro American groups are sharply criticizing the President’s new efforts for admitting many outsiders and to reduce the enforcement of the US immigration law.

This plan will also create a new challenge in the political scenario for the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Like Obama, Ryan have strongly favored the inflow of the overseas professionals and the workers in the US labor market and the consumer markets.

But the voters of the party have already rebelled on the issue during the 2013 debate, during the 2015 budget and also during the 2016 election primaries. Ryan can also try to set curbs that will block the Obama’s  next reprieve.

The restrains can be included in the bill due for the completion in the month of December, but Obama and its allies will likely threaten to close down much of the government if the restrain are kept.

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