Pressure is building to let foreign students remain in Scotland post graduation

February 15, 2016
The UK Home Office is under immense pressure to permit the overseas students to remain in Scotland after they had completed their graduation.

In a report revealed today, according to the Scottish Affairs Committee members from Westminster, the present rules around the non-EU students pursuing education in Scotland are too restraining and destructing the business and universities.

As per the committee, Scotland shall have the separate visas, due to the demographic challenges unique to the nation. The report also stated that the energy, health and finance firms of the country is facing difficulty in hiring the skilled graduate employees.

The Scotland’s political parties are calling for reintroducing the post-study work visa. And as per the report from the committee, present regulations allows the overseas students very less time to find the work and the jobs they are getting are paying less salaries.

According to the Committee, this matter could be solved by increasing the time of graduates to stay in the nation and also by changing the rules of sponsorship in order to make easy for the businesses to hire those graduates. They had also urged for starting the regional income thresholds.

Pressure is building to let foreign students remain in Scotland post graduation

According to Pete Wishart, Committee Chairperson, People visit Scotland from all over the world to study in Scotland and settle here. We are raising needless hurdles by preventing those talented students from residing and contributing to the economy of the country.

He went on saying that the government of Scotland, its business and education sectors have specified that they all want to see reforms to this circumstances. There is a universal call for reform the government of UK should provide assurance that they will work on this and should provide proper considerations to the changes.

According to the Scotland’s Secretary of State, David Mundell, if the reports reveals that there are steps we could take to enhance the situation in Scotland then we would take that ahead.

According to the spokesman of the Government of UK, they will consider the report, they would examine any proof that has been presented about the effectiveness of the post-study work program and any recommendations they had for further enhancements.

He also added that the UK has exceptional post study work prospects for students who seek to remain and work after they had completed their graduation. Graduates could remain if they had received a job of graduate level, receive an internship or they could also become a graduate industrialist.

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