Productivity Commission report gave green signal to Australian immigration program

November 19, 2015
The draft report that was released last week by the Productivity Commission on immigration program of Australia has called for additional effectual directives to reduce the abuse faced by the temporary migrant workers.

In many other respects, this report gave green signal to the present immigration program and its test system which is based on points for selecting the permanent immigrants.

Productivity Commission report gave green signal to Australian immigration program

The report also noted that the fast augmentation of temporary immigration. During the year 2013-14, foreign student visa issuance has been raised by around 80%. The skilled 457 worker numbers and the visas for working holidaymaker issued each raised by around 170%.

In the year 2015, there were over 1.5 million temporary migrants in Australia. China, India, and the UK top the list as the most sourced countries.

With limitations being removed from many temporary visas, the temporary immigration of Australia is being driven with demand. The number of individuals entering the country is determined by demand from the employers for the 457 employees, by foreign students for the university education of Australia and by youth who seek to visit Australia on a working holiday. The demand has led to over 70,000 temporary migrants visiting Australia when compared to around 2,00,000 permanent migrants.

The latest exposure of abuse of foreign students by some franchises, long hours under pay for working holiday workers in some regions and stories of abuse of 457 workers by the employers weaken the program of temporary immigration. The worker hire companies or employers are frequently blamed.

The reports also suggested better monitoring of temporary migration, and it also recommends Commission for Fair Work to introduce the smart phone app to provide temporary workers access to the knowledge about their links and rights that would allow them to lodge the complaints about what they had experienced.

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