Program of Parent and Grandparent for immigration to Canada to reopen imminently

December 03, 2015
The month of January is often the time of some changes in the immigration of Canada with the arrivals of some new programs and invitations from some well established programs.  On 4th January 2016, the Canadian Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP) would reopen for the number of applications which has not been disclosed yet.

The period for applications being accepted for this program pledges to be more competitive, providing the sponsors as well as the sponsored individuals who plan before and during the period of holidays a chance to make best use of presenting a winning application.

Program of Parent and Grandparent for immigration to Canada likely to reopen

Through this program, the permanent residents and the citizens from Canada might sponsor their overseas parents and grandparents for immigrating to Canada as the permanent residents of Canada.

The grandparent and parents of the permanent residents and the citizens of Canada who are applying under the program would get the status of permanent resident of Canada and they might also apply for the citizenship of Canada after fulfilling the obligations for the residency. 

The sponsor should meet the criteria like the individual must be the resident or citizen of Canada and he should be staying permanently, the individual must be 18 years of age or exceeding, the individual must also go beyond the required minimum level of income required for this program and the individual should also promise and sign the agreement to provide full financial support to the sponsored relative for 20 years and the time starts on the day the relative turn into the permanent resident.

The sponsor and the relative who is being sponsored should sign the deal of sponsorship that entrusts the sponsor of providing the financial support for the relative who has been sponsored. The agreement also says that the individual who becomes the permanent resident would make every effort of supporting him/herself. The residents of Quebec should also sign an responsibility with Quebec Province, it is the contract that’s binds the sponsorship.

The previous two PGP cycles of applications, both opened in this year were extremely competitive. In the year 2014 and 2015, the intake limit of the application for the program was attained in few weeks.

In the 2014 program which was having the limit of around 5,000 complete applications was filled up in just three weeks of time. And in the 2015 program, the limit of 5,000 complete applications was reached within few days of time. Since then the program has been closed.

Super Visa is the other alternative for the permanent residents and the citizens of Canada for bringing their parents or grandparents to the country. Though the visa is not intended for the permanent residency but it permits the parents and grandparents to visit to Canada as the long term visitors. The successful applicants get the visitor visas for multiple entries and are valid up to ten years.

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