Promise made by the US Vice President for immigration reform

October 04, 2014
Promise made by the US Vice President for immigration reform

Vice president of the US Joe Biden has made sure the Hispanics that they set to propose a dreadful lot of reforms in immigration after the midterm elections which is in November. 

Biden had a speech at the Hispanic Heritage Month reception in Washington DC, where he ensured the crowd that the President of the US is purely committed to the pushing of immigration reforms.

An announcement was made by the President Obama back in June where he said he would raise the executive powers to push the immigration reforms, which is yet to happen. The President is facing a lot of pressure from the immigrants especially from the Hispanics and Latinos to push the immigration reforms.

The Vice president speech came out only after a group of Hispanics gathered and started protesting in Cleveland and Ohio for delaying the immigration reforms.

Many people say that the delaying is politically motivated for the benefits of democratic congressmen who are standing for the midterm elections. If the immigration reforms are pushed now, then it may have a blow on the electoral members of the Democratic Party.

Biden tried to restore the confidence in the audience to wait and watch till the elections are completed, when our friends in the other team would realize the scenario of the future electoral success pivot upon acting judiciously. They will either act logically, or we will have to act for them, and if we will have to act for them then they will not be a lot around to act in large numbers.

The President of US has first planned to push the executive action on immigration by August, September but however he announced that the process would be delayed until November, and mostly after the midterm elections which on 4th November.

Obama explained his decision by saying that he is going to act this way because it is good for the country, and it will only be effective and sustainable when the public understands the facts on immigration and what they have done solitary and why it is necessary. 

Obama was criticized by many Latino groups for not taking quick actions. President and CEO of the National Council Janet, has passed a comment on Obama who has dashed the hopes of the people who are living in the fear of deportation and splitting away from their family. 

The House of Representatives are yet to pass a bill which was proposed by the senate on 2013. Boehner, the House speaker said that it may take time till 2015 before the issue of immigration is debated and many people say that he is one of the main reasons why the bill is getting delayed in immigration reform.
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