Quebec Decides to Issue Expression of Interest Invitations soon

July 01, 2019
Quebec Decides to Issue Expression of Interest Invitations soon

As per the statement of Simon Jolin-Barrette, Immigration Minister, Quebec, the province is beginning the process of issuing the initial invitations using its Expression of Interest system soon. The recipients of the invitations are candidates belonging to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program using the online portal Arrima in the provincial system of Expression of Interest.

This portal was launched in 2018 with the goal of receiving the EOIs in the QSW Program for managing the candidates’ pool. Quebec has also received 100,000 EOIs in Arrima from September 2018.

Expression of Interest in Quebec

The Quebec EOI system began as a replacement of the previous approach on the basis of the timing of arrival for accepting applications belonging to the Q.S.W.P. In it the candidates can submit the EOI for seeking the Quebec Selection Certificate using the Arrima portal. All the profiles get a score based on the education, age, training area, work experience and French proficiency factors. The top scoring candidates get the invitation to apply for CSQ. Quebec invites candidates after considering labor shortages factors in the remote regions of the province. The successful applicants obtain the CSQ and earn the eligibility to seek the Canadian permanent residence.

Processing time will plummet

Moreover, the processing time of applications gaining acceptance in the Quebec EOI system will be finally reduced to happen only in six months. The Minister invited the candidates with a pending QSWP application following the introduction of new reforms to reapply in the new Quebec EOI system.

Employers will get better access to the system

After the addition of a new feature to the portal in Feb 2020 employers will get access to the list of potential candidates. They can contact persons having the job offer directly by using the Arrima portal.

As per the Immigration Minister, these reforms in the Quebec EOI system are a major part of the governmental commitment for addressing the vital issue of labor shortages in entire Quebec.  It is a response to the diverse needs in Quebec regions and will help the economic community. Immigration is a solution to the labor shortage and the government will ensure that immigrants who settle in the province are in a position to participate completely in the society.

For the persons with the right skills, Quebec offers innumerable opportunities. Please contact us for knowing all the eligibility requirements for immigration to Quebec.

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