Quebec Enhances Timeframe For Submitting EOI through An Arrima

November 21, 2018
Quebec Immigration System has increased the timeframe for submitting an Expression of Interest through an Arrima portal from 30 days to 90 days. This means that Quebec immigration candidate now has 90 days from the day of profile creation to submit their Expression of Interest.

Quebec Enhances Timeframe For Submitting EOI through An Arrima

A Quebec (MIDI) Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion statement said: “From the date, the candidates created an expression of interest, now have complete 3 months time to submit them".

“Beyond this deadline, the EIO forms that are not submitted cab be removed along with the data it is having. If this happens, candidates who are still want to immigrate to Quebec will complete a new one", he added.

Quebec started its Expression of Interest Immigration system on Sep 18th, 2018. Its goal is to streamline the method of applying for Quebec immigration and well-matched applicants to the province’s workers trading needs.

Applicants should submit an EOI and enter into an Express Entry pool where the highest-ranking profiles can issue ITAs for a CSQ (Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ) under the Skilled Worker Program of Quebec.

The latest changes replace the ongoing first-come, the first-served process It may decrease the operating time for funding immigration candidates to below a year. As of Sep 20th, 2018, no info of Quebec EOI draws have been declared.

How Does Quebec Expression of Interest Work?

  • Applicants should submit the profile of Expression Of Interest to the Quebec MIDI.
  • Profiles enter ranked against each other or an EOI pool which is valid for a minimum of 1 year.
  • The highest-scoring applicants will receive an ITAs for a Certificate of Selection under the Skilled Worker Program of Quebec.
  • Quebec organizes various draws, welcomes individuals to apply for CSQ.
  • Applicants receiving an invitation to apply have 3 months to submit the complete application.
  • Approved applicants who obtained a CSQ may then apply for permanent residents of Canada.

Requirements for Quebec EOI?

Applicants should be ranked under so many factors that include age, language ability, education, work experience, and duration of stay in Quebec. A valid employment offer is also a key factor. The qualifications of an immigrant's spouse are also included.

Score Available Under Skilled Worker Program of Quebec

Profile factor

Max points available



Areas of training


Work experience




Language proficiency


Time spent and family in Quebec


Spouse/common-law partner


Job offer


Accompanying children


Financial self-sufficiency


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