Quebec Has the Top Job Vacancy Rate in Canada

June 18, 2019
Based on the report of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business As per the report, Quebec has a high job vacancy rate in the Canadian provinces which is 4.1 percent. It is the highest in the country and 0.8 percentage points more in comparison to the national average. It is also 0.5 percentage points more in comparison to any other province.

Quebec Has the Top Job Vacancy Rate in Canada

Figures reveal the situation

The province had 120,800 vacancies when the first quarter of 2019 ended. These numbers reveal the difficulty of the employers Quebec in finding proper employees to fill up the vacant positions in various levels, Quebec is the province of Canada having the second largest population. Though there are 174,800 vacancies in Ontario the population there is also large, denoting a job vacancy rate of 3.3 percent. The Skilled Worker immigration system - Quebec is presently held up as it has an overhaul in its processing stages, to improve the integration and assimilation of immigrants. But the employers in the province are facing a great difficulty in searching for employees.

The Coalition government in Quebec has announced a plan to increase the immigration levels gradually, from 2020.

The approach of the Government

In the year 2019, the target of admitting the number of immigrants in Quebec was reduced by 20 percent. It is now only 40000. Moreover, the new proposal, suggests that Quebec will permit the entry of 44,500 immigrants in 2020. In the next two years it will accept, 47,500 (2021) and 52,500 (2022) to meet the ever expanding requirements of its economy.

Moreover, there is a steady climb in the national job vacancy rate of Canada for the past two years. It has moreover, reached a record high in the last quarter, as per Ted Mallett, Vice-President CFIB. The industries facing a tough time in Canada to fill up the vacant positions are construction, (4.9 percent vacancy rate), and personal services, (4.7 percent rate).


There are a few other sectors with a vacancy rates that is more than the national average. These include agriculture (3.8 percent), followed by hospitality (3.7 percent), and professional services at (3.6 percent). The vacancy rate in the transportation sector was 3.6 percent. The Government is taking all the necessary measures and these will yield a result in the future.

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