Quebec Immigration Plans Free French Lessons to Integrate More Newcomers

August 10, 2019
The Quebec Government decided to allocate $70 million for the benefit of newcomers arriving in Quebec so that they can access French lessons in a better way. The Quebec Immigration also believes that a thorough knowledge of French will aid newcomers to adapt better in the society, (Quebec chiefly is a French-speaking province).

Quebec Immigration Plans Free French Lessons to Integrate More Newcomers

The measure will boost the confidence

As per the recent IRCC internal report, less than required knowledge, of the Canadian official languages, is a huge barrier for newcomers, preventing them from better integration in the Canadian society. Simon Jolin-Barrette, Quebec Immigration Minister stated that Quebec had provided free French lessons serving the newcomers earlier, specifically to persons living in the province for around five years, but that initiative was not sufficient.

In the new plan, immigrants in Quebec will get an access to French courses (full-time), not considering the duration of their stay in Quebec.  

Canada Immigration – moving to integration

There will be 300 new classes after hiring 80 additional teachers. The classes will cover students, temporary overseas workers, and their spouses. As per a government estimate, close to 4,500 immigrants will take these free French lessons annually. 

Moreover, there is a provision to provide financial assistance by the Quebec government for such immigrants taking the French lessons. Starting on July 1st, immigrants having the full-time enrollment in French courses will get $185 per week. It was $141 earlier. 

Canada Immigration the financial provisions

The government will subsidize the daycare charges incurred by the immigrant parents attending the French lessons. The subsidy benefitting the part-time students is increased to $9 per day from $7 earlier for a child. The subsidy benefitting the parents taking up a full-time course is $25 for a day, for a child.

There have been a few changes in the Quebec immigration system recently. In July 2019, the provincial government passed the Bill authorizing the government on eligibility factors affecting the Quebec Immigration.

The demand for overseas skilled workers in Quebec was always high and you can always contact us to know the options available.

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