Reasons behind the US should hold on to the students from India

November 25, 2015
For around 96 million high school students, the Prime Minister of India made a crucial move of appealing the government of the UK to be more kind with the student visas for Indians who wish to study overseas.

Way back in the year 2010, when the UK government had stopped granting the post study work visas to the workers with high skills from non-EU countries.  Thousands of students from India who were hoping to get the foreign work experience and those who were hoping to pay off their loans were asked to leave.

Reasons behind the US should hold on to the students from India

Foreign students in the UK are also asked to pay huge amount of tuition fees than the students from EU.

The US always remained the top destination for the students from India who wish to seek education abroad, and the students always hoped that the US will do well to take note of all these issues.

Foreign students had contributed around $3.5 billion to the economy of the UK in the previous year. In the US, the statistics are close to 10 times that is over $30.5 million. In both the nations, students from India make up the second largest population of foreign students after the students from China.

Students’ interest in the UK has dropped sharply over the past few years.  They are interested in the graduate programs of the US. In this educational year, around 1,33,000 students from India are studying in the US universities and colleges have increased from 1,03,000 in the year 2013-14.

The US is providing high-quality technical courses, and it is at the forefront of the innovation and research.

Foreign students who finish a year of study in the US are permitted to work in the nation for one after they complete their graduation. If the individual convince the employer for sponsoring the work visa, then they can apply for residing for more three years. But due to the extent of the applications that has been soared in that has resulted in the USCIS deciding to go for the lottery system for granting visas even to the individuals with higher or the master degree.

The ballot allocates the utmost 85,000 visas every year which also includes around 20,000 which are reserved for the individuals with the advance degrees. 

Both the universities from the UK and the US are still considered best. The shortage in the number of US graduates in the STEM streams had resulted in the important technology talent gap. And around 80% of the students from India are taking admissions in the STEM programs.  Around 80% of the students from India are presently studying the US are working towards the STEM degrees.

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