Record number of migrants and tourists are arriving in New Zealand

December 21, 2015
New Zealand’s figure of yearly net migration has seen a surge as the current statistics revealing a net benefit of around 6300 migrants previous year.   The rise in migration rate is led by a large number of Indian students arrivals in New Zealand, which tourist arrivals and international trips by the citizens of New Zealand both has reached at its all-time high figures.

Report from the Statistics New Zealand has revealed that the nation has welcomed around 63,700 migrants in a year which ends at 30th November, making a total of 1,20,900 tourists arrivals, which has increased by 11% from the previous year,  and they were 57,200 departures from the country which had decreased by 3%. 

Record number of migrants and tourists are arriving in New Zealand

The figures showed that around 47% of foreign migrants which makes around 29,700 had settled in Auckland, followed by Canterbury, which recorded around 6,800 benefits in foreign migrants. New Zealand had welcomed around 13,300 migrants from India this year, and 8800 migrants had arrived from China, 5000 migrants from Phillippines, and around 3,700 individuals from the UK.

A total number of tourist arrivals in the last month has increased by 11% when compared to the same period the previous year. Most of them came from the countries like Australia, China, Korea, US, and Taiwan. Yearly tourist numbers had increased by 9% to reach at the total of 3.09 million, with Chinese tourists arrivals increasing by 87,400 to 3,44,900 while tourists from Australia were increased from 71,300 to 1.32 million and the number of tourists from the US were raised by 21,100 to 2,40,000. Holidays are the reason for visiting New Zealand with 1.53 million tourists arriving in New Zealand for a holiday and around 9,41,000 tourists arrived here for visiting their family and friends.

New Zealand nationals had traveled to other nations this year, with a total of 2.39 million leaving on international trips which has increased by 6% and around 49,200 from the previous year. Australia was the favorite nation for the people of New Zealand. Followed by the US with 1,75,600 increased by 13,000 and Fiji stood at third place with 1,45,700 with an increase of 17,500.

The drop in the departures from the country in this year was because of less citizens from New Zealand leaving to reside in Australia, which has witnessed 12% of drop to around 21,300. It also saw a net benefit of 400 migrants arriving from Australia.

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