Reflective opinions among commentators post-UK minister's resignation

February 12, 2014
Reflective opinions among commentators post-UK minister’s resignation

There has been some thought and reflection among some in the UK further to the uproar and controversy raised by the resignation of the UK minister for immigration, Mark Harper, after he was found guilty of illegally employing a foreign cleaner. Mr. Harper did seek to defend himself stating that he was not aware of the visa status of the cleaner he had hired and that he was unaware that the cleaner was an illegal migrant. But, some commentators are looking beyond the controversy raised and asking some fundamental questions regarding the laws, rules and the regulations, etc., in place regarding the whole basis of the issue behind the controversy.

Thus, some of these legal experts and other commentators are asking the fundamental question of whether or how any/an ordinary UK citizen can decide whether any person they are seeking to let out their premises to is eligible to actually live and reside in the UK or not.

Thus, some assert that citizen landlords in the UK do find it too tough and complex to interpret all of the immigration and related rules in specific cases and go ahead and let out their premises to tenants. Similarly, lodgers are even more susceptible to the possibility that they will allow illegal migrants, etc. to stay in their lodges as they do not typically hire the services of immigration agents to help them and assist them to understand and interpret the laws and the rules.

Apart from these above two typical cases, there is the danger that legal migrants but of different ethnicities might be discriminated against if any tough laws, regulations, etc. to plug the existing loopholes are brought in and implemented. And there is the danger too, of those legally allowed to stay falling prey to discrimination and therefore and thus seeking help from and thus burdening the local town councils. Overall, these above and some more negative consequences are typical and salient to the immigration laws, regulations, etc. in place at present, assert some experts and commentators.

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