Reputation of New Zealand as destination for overseas students is at risk

November 20, 2015
Officials from Immigration department have warned that the reputation of New Zealand as the destination for the foreign students is at danger due to prevalent evidence that students from India are taking on amount overdue for study in New Zealand and that it is leading to their exploitation in the workplaces of New Zealand.

Reputation of New Zealand as destination for overseas students is at risk

A newsletter which was published this month on the website of the New Zealand Immigration has revealed that the latest drifts of distortion and the instances of deceitful documentation has prompting a recurrence of warnings issued to the students from India who seek to study in New Zealand. The report also reveals of witnessing many issues related to the students being in money owing situation and are being exploited in the workplaces and these issues are distracting them from the main objective of their visit to New Zealand.

According to the newsletter, the students are in need to work as soon as they arrive in New Zealand, and that shall be a great concern to all who are involved in the reputation of export education sector of New Zealand.

The caution followed an extraordinary flow in the applicants by the students from India in the month of October, as they seek to beat the time limit for the new English language competence provisions that are designed to restrain the flood of students from India taking admissions in the private training institutions for the study courses to study in New Zealand, where they are also allowed to work while they study.

Extension to the deadline in the previous month means that the Immigration Department of New Zealand have experienced unintentional rise in the applications on the record scale with over 8,300 applications for student visa at the office of New Zealand  in Mumbai in the month of September and October,  with an increase of 63% when compared to same period a year before.

The immigration department of New Zealand had been concerned for over a year that many students from India might be arriving in New Zealand much interested in exploiting the work rights that are available under the student visas.

Indian and Chinese students had been driving the strong increase in foreign student arrivals, but students from China are going to polytechnics and universities and students from India are taking admission in independent training provider for a sub-degree and PTE courses.

According to the report, out of 7,922 extra student visas granted in this year’s nine months, around 3,426 were for students from India, an increase of 25% on previous year.

The tendency is lifting up the concerns that the student visas are being used as the de facto way of permanently migrating to New Zealand, with students from India are most likely to stay in New Zealand when compared to the foreign students from other countries since the year 2009.

The scope of foreign students residing in New Zealand is extremely concentrated in the fields like commerce, management, hospitality, food, IT, health and personal services.

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