Residency department in Dubai reveals slew of intelligent aid

March 31, 2015
Residency department of Dubai discloses intelligent services

The GDRFA or General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs located in Dubai disclosed a bundle of good facilities at the DGAE or Dubai Government Achievements Exhibition under the theme ‘Local Government and Global Achievements’ on Monday. This body is displaying a huge count of its intelligent applications, ingenious travel gate ‘eye’ as well as smart gate.

According to the Director –General of GDRFA, Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, the DGAE is an overseas and global event that permits all governmental agencies in the Dubai to exhibit their supreme services. The GDRFA in conjugation with the Emartech, is demonstrating the system of smart travel port. It will facilitate the coming in of commuters at the airport. It is slated to begin at both Terminals one and two at Al Maktoum airport and in Dubai international Airport.

Al Marri stated that the system incorporated facial imprint as well as iris detection predisposes the biometric identification of the applicants via a non-multiple view method. This would provide consumers with a brief and unified process. For instance, the facial identification will review a visitor’s face imprint with the blueprint present on the e-passport. The chief objective of the system is to improve security and finish the procedure at the passport regulation within two seconds.

Also being presented is the smart gate, which is an automatic, safe and user friendly system which is an alternative option from the conventional counters of passport control at airports. This will aid in reducing long queues. He further added that tourists will be able to finish their activities through the smart gate within twenty seconds. Users would require e-passports, an electronic-gate card or Emirates ID. Alternatively, a smart phone can be used rather than the passport.

Prior registration is not required as visitors only require possessing passports that can be easily read by machines. This service is free and will carry out facial imprint and iris scan as well. The Assistant Director-General of the Smart Services Sector, Captain Khalid Ahmad bin Mediya Al Falasi added that the GDRFA was thinking of enlisting half a million individuals for these applications over a period of coming five years. These applications can be brought to use by both companies and people.

People can utilize the smart phone applications to extend VoA. Also, they can see the status of all entry permits as well as residency applications. They can also create barcodes to enter smart gates at the airports in Dubai. Firms can also make use of these services which includes an extension of entry visas for visitors; refurbish entry visas for work and also printing out the Ministry of Labor pass.

He added that the general public can get an opportunity to inquire about the status of the visa, get in touch with Amer service, plan for Amer mobile service and contact the designated director-general for visas via the smart application.

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