Restrictions of visa on foreign nurses is a massive issue for Addenbrook's Hosptial in Cambridge

September 11, 2015

It has been revealed that current changes made in the immigration rules has stopped more than 100 nurses to start their work at the Rosie and the Addenbrooke's Hospitals.

Visa restrictions on foreign nurses are a massive issue for most UK hospitals

Hospital chiefs have said that they are not allowed to recruit non EU foreign nurses because of the new visa restrictions and they are facing a solid competition from trusts in the pool of Europe’s recruitment.

106 nurses who accepted the jobs at Addenbrooke’s have been told not to come due to the current visa restrictions.

David Wherrett, Director of workforce, Cambridge University Hospital told in Wednesday’s  meeting that  specialist teams had been counting on the arrival of foreign nurses and for them it was a massive issue.

Restrictions were their big problem as it placed them in the European pool with everyone. Said Ann-Marie Ingle, chief nurse, CUH.  

Over the past 12 months, the hospital has been tackling the issue of staff shortage address with the successful foreign recruitment drive, with more than 130 nurses joining Addenbrooke’s since the start of this year.

The shortage of nurses who wish to pursue their training in the UK, but the issue is that there are not enough universities. Added Ann-Marie.

Chiefs of NHS Hospital yesterday warned that strict immigration rules are preventing them from hiring nurses for winter season.

Ten heads of the top NHS trusts have signed a letter asking help from the Home Secretary to address the issue and to allow the overseas nurse to work in the U.K.

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