Retroactive: Merkel Sends Insight On Imminent Border Closure

September 29, 2016
Germany seems more than ready to seal its borders against African refugees and economic immigrants after it has taken more than a million of them into it since it flung open its borders a year ago. Angela Merkel, the vice chancellor of the country looked to have single-handedly championed this course during those free entry period and she is looking to step back on her decision given that a lot is at stake.

Merkel talked up her readiness to withdraw her launched ‘we can do it’ campaign fostered at helping embattled citizens of African nations and economic immigrants into Germany since she remains the only one singing the melodies of her campaign in what is really an infamous show.

The embattled vice chancellor had taken the earlier decision in a bid to help the less privileged nations of the world and she has been defiant despite criticism of her migration policy by her own countrymen, but she appeared to be backing down on it after she was subjected to intense pressure as well as dealt two heavy electoral blows from the side of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.
Retroactive: Merkel Sends Insight On Imminent Border Closure

Disclosing her intentions to discontinue with her plans, she first of all hailed the agreement between the European Union and Turkey which returned economic migrants from North Africa back to their land across the Aegean Sea. 

The European Union and Turkey had earlier agreed this year that Ankara would repel the influx of illegal migrants to Europe in trade for financial support and visa-free travel around the continent.

She also tasks the European Union to agree with African countries to repel economic migrants from entering the countries of member nations. She eventually rolled out her plans, though she did not mention her decision was as a result of the trembling election results for her Christian Democratic Union (CDU), which found a knock in its head over its open border policy as many suggested.

However, she was believed to have taken the decision by weighing up her chances and seeing that she is losing popularity by the day. 

While addressing the reversal of her policy, she opined that it is far more developmental to help nations via a system that ensures restructuring and rebuilding of their internal decay than accept the outflow of their citizens in their own land. She pointed out that tackling the exact problems of those nations whose citizens seek refuge and greener pastures outside their shores would make their citizens sit back and enjoy their land without fear, rather than jumping across borders.

She also addressed Africa in particular, stating that it is far imperative to give African nations prospect for the future than earn them a temporary fixation of their system. She observed that there are more prospects for them back at home than in foreign lands and their shores wouldn’t request of them any form of acclimatization.

She, however, gave no breakdown of what to expect as a possible migrant agreement between the European Union and African countries.

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