Revamped tourist visa norms surges country's revenue and thousands of jobs within five years

December 16, 2014
Improved tourist visa norms enhances country's revenue and overseas jobs within five years

The new advanced visitor visa norms would surge the United States revenue to $7.5 billion along with 50,000 employment opportunities to overseas nationals visiting the country in the coming five years, as per the report of enterprise for an American Economy.  The report says that increase of inflow of the visitors to the country surges the country’s economy along with travelers’ jobs, and this would also help the United Sates to join in Visa Waiver Program to see the notable tourists increase count.

With the implementation of new norms, the country would see the rise of visitors’ inflow to the country to about 16.4% in the coming five years. As per the new report, it was found that, if Poland, South Africa, Israel and Hong Kong are able to obtain entry through waivers program, then obviously more than 60,000 visitors from these countries would tour to US in 2015. 

It was expected that around 1.7 million people would visit America for residence during 2015 and 2019. Additionally inclusion of six countries in the new waiver program would result in surge of tourists count spending in the country to $7.66 billion.

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