Route to the US citizenship could take more time and expensive

December 28, 2015
The process of becoming the citizen of the US could take years and could also cost thousands of dollars and it also involves many diverse routes.

There are additional steps involved than just naturalization, which is only single important part of becoming the US citizen. All it takes is the determination and patience for becoming a citizen of the United States of America.

Route to the US citizenship could take more time and expensive

As per the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS), the process of naturalization could take six months of time and could also cost around $680.  The naturalization applicants should have had a green card for a minimum of five year period of time. 

And as per the Homeland Security Department, the green card confirm that the applicant is a legal permanent resident and the individual have issued immigration benefits that permits the applicant to stay and get work in the US. 

According to the USCIS, once the green card is received, the applicant could now apply for the naturalization by filing the N-400 form which could be found on the website of USCIS. They have to be present in the US for minimum of 30 months out of five years they had resided here.  After getting the N-400 form they should stay continuously in the US till the time of naturalization. With the N-400 form, the applicant should got the reading, writing and English speaking abilities, should also go the comprehension of civics, US history and its government.

After reading and filling the forms, the applicant should set the interview with USCIS; they might be asked various questions about their criminal history and background. After the USCIS approved the application, the agency would schedule the oath of faithfulness.

Prior taking the oath, the applicants should fill another form, N-445, for notice of naturalization ceremony. Applicants who had taken the oath are considered as the official US citizen. And would get the naturalization certificate. They could then get the US passport which will become their citizenship proof. 

The easiest way to obtain the US citizenship is to marry an individual who is a citizen of US or by doing service in the US military.

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