Saudi Arabia is Open to Global Tourists with A Great Plan for 2019

September 16, 2019
As per an announcement of Ahmad al-Khatib, Chairman, Board of Directors, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Heritage Authority, in a World Tourism Organization meeting, Saudi Arabia has a great plan for opening its doors to global tourists before December this year. 

Saudi Arabia is Open to Global Tourists with A Great Plan for 2019

Features of the policy

Saudi Arabia has offered $1.7 million for funding cooperation in the organization. It is also a pioneer to work with the organization in conducting preliminary studies towards Measuring Sustainable Tourism project.

As a tradition, people in the country are Muslims who visit it to perform the annual pilgrimage of Hajj, or those on business trips. The kingdom has not issued visas for tourism alone. The visas were issued in an irregular way, preferring select group tours. Furthermore, young and single women had a difficulty in visiting the kingdom in the past.

Earlier this year, it was the host to numerous concerts and festivals, after it granted tourism visas for the purpose. Several Artists performed in Jeddah after direct tourism e-visas were given in just three minutes.

The attractions in the Kingdom

Also the Trips from the United Arab Emirates will ascend, after granting of tourist visas, owing to the low-cost flight routes in existence from Fly Dubai, Etihad, Emirates, and Saudia, having a low flying time.

The finest Tourist sites are Mamsak Fortress that is a Unesco World Heritage Site, the Nabate city of Madein Saleh, and also the city of Jeddah, Al Hejaz Railway station of Medina, and finally Dir'aiyah, serving as the ancestral residence of the Saud family. Saudi Arabia has an area of two million square kilometers and is counted as a major biggest country in the world.

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