Saudi Arabia issues Seasonal work visas at labour offices in Medina and Makkah

April 07, 2014
Saudi Seasonal visas work visa Medina and Makkah
According to the decision of the Council of Ministers, seasonal work visas would be issued only at labor offices in Medina and Makkah.

According to a source, all the companies who are filing their applications for Seasonal work visas are expected to have at least one branch office in either of the regions.

It is expected that the decision would reduce the manipulation of the system and visa trafficking.

The Council of Ministers has also insisted that the agents who are hiring temporary workers have to finish their projects inside the time frame so as to avoid foreigners overstaying their visa duration.

The council has decided to mention the newly introduced list of laws that are meant to issue seasonal visas to the council of Shoura.

According to the recent proposal temporary work visas, Seasonal work visas or visa extensions would each cost SR 1,000.

Legislative bodies would be assigned the task of issuing permissions to the inspectors of Labor Ministry so that they can enter the companies and factories during the event of Haj season to make sure that the foreign workers are employed legally.

The Ministry of Labor has also been asked to generate a guide that would explain the rules regarding the approval of the visas.

The guide would also highlight that the employees who have been hired by the employers have to work only on tasks, for which they have been originally employed. Anyone who violates the rules would have to pay fine.
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