Scotland businesses cautious of the proposed UK visa surcharge

January 27, 2016
Plans for visa surcharge on the employers from the UK who hire individuals from the non EU nations shall not be applied to the entire UK. The Scotland businesses claimed.

While England is concerned about many skilled professional employees visiting the UK and taking the employment from the British individuals, the Scotland businesses are saying that Britain require more migrants.

Scotland businesses cautious of the proposed UK visa surcharge

An immigration lawyer, Jamie Kerr has called for the emergency summit of business leaders of Scotland to discuss the situation and examine whether Scotland could be exempted.

The UK’ MAC has endorsed the surcharge by suggesting a fee for every employee that is expected to get into force this year.

The Scottish business leaders believed that the modifications in the visa rules for employees from the non-EU nations could stunt the economic growth of Scotland and could also harm the competitiveness of the country on the foreign stage.

According to Kerr, the rules are extremely concerning and it would stunt the economic growth of Scotland. The new rules would also act as the barrier for Scotland in attracting the foreign talent and skills that the Scottish businesses require to compete internationally and would also cripple the present economic plans for innovating, growing and attracting the investment.  

He also said that the aim of the UK is to cut the number of immigrants without looking at the results that would come from that. It would impact both the private and public sectors, large and small business and key sectors of Scotland like digital, engineering, healthcare. He also added that we require to come together to tell the government of the UK that the economic growth of Scotland coming in between the meaningless targets on the migration numbers.

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