Seven in Ten Voters Say EU Immigration MUST be Curbed After Brexit

March 23, 2017

British nationals desire that migration from the European Union is greatly reduced in the upcoming Brexit discussions, although they would gladly pay off Brussels to keep some benefits of the union.

The final proceedings of the exit from the union are to be led by the prime minister in the coming week, and we may have what the general thought is amongst the people of Britain. Around 68% of people want the law of unhindered migration to be taken away, much like what the prime minister assured the citizens of the UK.

Around 88% of the populace is determined to keep the freedom of doing business even after they exit the European Union, according to a survey report.

Amongst those who voted to leave the EU, around 55% admitted that they would prefer to pay certain amounts into the lacunar of the union so they can benefit from some packages offered by the union.

A researcher in the United Kingdom, Professor Jon, disclosed that Britain Nationals seem to desire a Brexit plan that is “difficult on the outside, but soft on the inside.’

Prime Minister will have to carry out some tough negotiations to bring home the wants of the general public of the United Kingdom, as the European Union has reiterated that total accessibility to the trade market entails agreeing to a freedom of movement.

Amongst conservative supporters, 93% totally supported the thought of free trade, while the number of labour supporters was put at 84%.

Supporters of both parties were solidly behind the implementation of unhindered movement, with about 81% and 57% supporting each party respectively.

Professor Jon also sounded the warning that supporters of Tory could be greatly upset should current prime minister Theresa May fail in her bid to win for the people of the United Kingdom.

“The position of the government is one of removing total freedom of movement, but also one that keeps free trade and as such, it fits perfectly with the notion of the general public in the United Kingdom,” he disclosed.

“What this entails is that the conservatives are also most primed to feel let down if they were to arrive at the conclusion that the country’s government has failed in its bid to bring home the desired targets.

“Prime Minister could be put in an awkward position back in the UK should she find it hard to meet the targets in Brussels.”


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