Seychelles citizens now can travel visa free to UAE

July 15, 2015
UAE allows Seychelles nationals to travel visa free

From 16th July 2015 Thursday onwards Seychelles passport holders will no longer require the visa to travel in UAE. As the agreement of visa waiver signed between UAE and Seychelles in last year will come into effect.

The Seychelles Minister foreign affairs said on the afternoon of Monday, all the internal process related to visa waiver had completed.

The Seychelles citizen will now, from the date of arrival to UAE he can stay and travel for up to 90 days without any visa.

It is also to be noted that Seychelles citizens will not be allowed to take part in any work, study or in any profession, without following any corresponding laws related to these activities in UAE, said in the released statement.

The coming of visa waiver would herald a new opportunities to the people of both countries, it will enhance people to people contact, trade and tourism between the both countries, said Seychelles President James Michel while commending the excellent relationship between both the countries.

Seychelles, a conglomeration of 115 islands in Indian Ocean archipelago with a population of 90,000 has become the first African country joining the list of 40 countries that do not require a visa to travel in UAE.

According to Seychelles national bureau of statistics, there were 9,039 trips made by Seychelles citizens to UAE, followed by Mauritius (6,353) and South Africa (5,286) out of the total 35,431 overseas trips made by the Seychelles nationals.

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