Shortage of Labor in Canadian regions of Banff and Lake Louise

December 07, 2015
The businesses in the Lake Louise and Banff regions of Canada are seeing heavy rush in tourism but at the same time they are struggling to find enough workers for meeting the demands.

According to the Executive Director of  Banff & Lake Louise Hospitality Association, Darren Reeder, the shortage of labor is spreading in the industry of tourism.

Shortage of Labor in Canadian regions of Banff and Lake Louise

He informed that for every Canadian citizen we are able to employ there was single position that remained advertised and unfilled.  One of the important issues is modifications to the federal temporary overseas worker program which was started by the previous Conservative government that includes high administrative fees for employing the overseas workers and limitations on the working holiday visas that avert the workers from returning every year.

The survey and study were conducted on the shortage of labour by the Canadian Tourism Industry Association and the Hospitality Association, Canadian Hotel Association, Tourism for Banff Lake Louise and the Tourism HR Commission of Canada and they had also planned both the short and long term resolutions to the shortage.

Short term solutions are as follows: 

A stream of tourism for the temporary overseas employee program, moving some professions like rafting guidance in the category of skilled labor, subsidies and investment for the housing, reintroducing  the program for work holiday visa and subsidies for public transportation.

The long-term solutions are:

Changes to immigration that permits the route to the citizenship of Canada for the low skilled employees and expanding and raising the awareness of programs for the provincial employment and also providing guaranteed yearly earnings.

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