Should India worry about the Immigration and Visa

June 09, 2015
Does India need to be worried about the Immigration and Visa

The IT sector of India may face a promising crisis in the coming future. In 2016, as the USA is about to get engaged in the elections as the issues of visa and immigration have annoyed this sector, can again be an important political agenda.   

US is the huge market for the IT sector of India and the reforms of immigration broadly tipped in order to be the target of raging discussions and furious debates. The quarrelsome issue of US IT and jobs of back office can be a main issue during these elections.    

The H1-B visas issue which allows the international nationals to work in the US for a short period and has been taken into consideration for a short period of time and there have been reports such as the congress of US is contemplate on tripling the cap on visas. 

Among the nationals of US and the skilled workers who have raised their voice for their disapproval over the companies from hiring the workers at a cheaper rate from the international countries.

The development recently have seen lay of the 250 local workers and replace them by the holders of the H-1B visa, sparking a demand and outrage for the analysis. Among locals, a sense of creeping is present and they are demanding for the actions which make sure the security of their job.

An individual can avail the H1-B visa benefits for around six years, the nationals of US are concerned that the international workers will replace them slowly and this will be creating a large trust deficiency.

Since these affairs are important for the India as well as the United states the elections approaching will be very interesting to watch.

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