Singapore PM says not easy to decide upon immigration issue

August 24, 2015
Singapore PM while speaking in national day speech on Sunday has defended the immigration policies ahead of the general elections that are going to be conducted in September.

Singapore PM says not easy to decide upon immigration issue

In the annual speech of Singapore fifty years of gaining independence from the Malaysia, he touched upon on the sensitive issue of foreign immigrant and workers influx to the country, which witnessed a surge of population from 4.17 million to 5.47 million since 2004 to the last year.

The ruling people’s action party (PAP) reduced the intake of foreign workers after its vote share plunges to 60% in the last general election.

The Singapore PM said, it is no easy choice to make when the issue is about immigration, if the country closes its doors to foreigners the economy will suffer, if we allow the influx to continue native Singapore citizens will be outnumbered and our Singaporean identity will get diminished.

"Whichever option we choose, it will involve some pain. But I believe that I am doing what Singapore needs and what best safeguards your interests." He added.

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