South Africa to ease the burden of Liberians by establishing visa outlets in Liberia

April 06, 2015
Visa outlets to be opened in Monrovia by South Africa

Following talks between the Embassy of South Africa and the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Liberia, the South African Government has made promulgation. Accordingly, it has now brought in the required equipment for starting the issuance of visas to South Africa in Monrovia. This was revealed on 2 April, 2015 when MasiloEsau Mabeta, the country’s Envoy to Liberia called on Augustine Kpehe Ngafaun, the Foreign Minister.

Ambassador Mabeta said that there was awareness in his Embassy regarding the difficulties faced by numerous citizens of Liberia, who had been restricted to travel to neighboring states in a bid to visit South Africa. He said that he deeply regretted this fact and ascribed this to technical problems that his office was facing. In response, the Foreign Minister profusely thanked the government of South Africa for standing true to its word to accept the request of Liberia. This request would mean the issuance of visas for South Africa in Liberia. The step would reduce the difficulties of Liberia’s citizens who wanted to travel to this region of the continent of Africa.

Speaking on behalf of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the people of Liberia and its Government, Minister Ngafuan showed his gratefulness to President Jacob Zuma and his people in South Africa for setting up a visa outlet in Monrovia. He was hopeful that the diplomatic ties between both the countries would continue to foster in all aspects of cooperation. 

The Minister also said that members of the EU nations and other political missions near the capital of Liberia should follow South Africa’s lead. This would do away the need for Liberians to travel to another nation only for the sake of obtaining visa before they could reach their final destination. The entire process was causing a financial strain on the people. So, they were working along with their bilateral allies to establish visa outlets in Monrovia itself. The talks were reaching their advanced levels, and a breakthrough was expected soon.

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