South Africa has started wooing the individuals of Kenya to visit with visa deal

June 29, 2015
Kenyans have began to be wooed by South Africa in visiting with visa deal

South Africa has begun a campaign in order to get more individuals of Kenya to tour the nation. The campaign is named as ‘Allow us to indulge you’. It has been aiming to make the Kenyans more aware of places and activities which can be visited when they are in South Africa by making it easier to be visited and appealing. 

Evelyn Mahlaba, the regional director of the South Africa tourism stated that the rules have been reviewed because obtaining a visa for visiting Africa’s economic giant which is famous for the beaches has become difficult for the Kenyans.

She also stated that as a part of campaign, her nation would open a tourism office which is regional in Nairobi and whose main purpose would be promoting South Africa as a destination of the tourists.

Economic growth is more now in Kenya and most of the people have been making money and are able to afford for a trip out of nation and we want South Africa to be their place of destination.

In addition, she also said that our packages are cheapest and affordable with Sh150,000 for a trip of one-week along with the air fare and services and infrastructure are first class which can be afforded by the Kenyans.

While Kenya is engaged by South Africa wooing and bringing back the tourists to the nation, South Africa’s push comes at a time. During the recent years, the arrivals which are from Kenya and east Africa have seen an increase which is steady. The figures of the recent arrival points out that in the year 2014 around 35,605 tourists from Kenya have visited South Africa. Over the past year, this was a growth of seven percent.

The higher official stated that the real growth and the tourism sectors potential can be realized if the growth is happening similarly in the nations on the other continent. For growing and reaching the potential of South Africa, all from the Africa should grow because we are in the destination Africa.

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