South Africa to grant tourist visa within five days

July 28, 2015
In order to boost the tourist inflows from India after the flat growth rate registered by south Africa due to the recent introduction of visa restrictions to tourists. South Africa government is now considering a proposal to clear tourist visa within five days of the visa application.

Right now, it takes about five working days to complete the checks and balances and grant the tourist travel visa for the Indian applicants.

We have been discussing with the home department to finalize a plan to complete all the tourist visa process within five days, said Hanneli Slabber on Monday.

South Africa tourist visa to be granted within five days

The move is to kick start the wailing tourism sector that was affected by the outbreak of Ebola virus in the last year, even though there is no outbreak in South Africa, she mentioned.

She said, tourist inflows in the last year registered very flat rate, now, we are hoping to revive the sector as things “have established now”.

The Indian tourists were numbered 127,000 in the year 2013, it is also the seventh largest source to the South Africa. Currently, UK tops by sending 500,000 tourists to the country per year.

South Africa is also expanding its program ‘Learn South Africa’ for travel and tourism agents across India covering 15 cities, to improve its market positioning by targeting 1600 travel agents per year.

We had planned that South Africa to offer Indian cuisine at across various destinations as well as the sale of merchandise preferred by the Indians. We are also to improve the air to air connectivity, at present Mumbai-Seychelles-Johannesburg is the sole connectivity, most of the other flights routed from the destinations like Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

By the year 2020, India would become a top source for the tourists travel to the country, she added.

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