Special officers at airport to combat illegal migration during Commonwealth Games

April 07, 2014
illegal migration during Commonwealth Games
In the months to come, from 71 countries nearly 6,500 athletes and thousands of their supporting staff will come to Scotland for the country’s biggest spectacular sporting event that to be held.

Visa requirements for the athletes will be made easier and all the visitors coming for this event will have to leave the country within a month time of game ending.

Additional immigration authorities will be made available at airport after the previous sporting events were targeted by the asylums.

After the London Olympics 2012 approximately 80 people were sought permission to continue staying there, includes Mandembo Kebika Cedric from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

During the 2012, Manchester Commonwealth games, almost 20 people of one West African team went missing.

Stuart McWilliams, immigration expert said even Glasgow is expected to be victim and have to take certain measures.

He also said, it is common and possible as many athletes and coaches are participating in the commonwealth games, some people may ask for asylum status.

ISU union for borders, immigration and customs, the general secretary, Lucy Moreton said the number of immigration authorities at the Scottish airports would increase.

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