Sri Lanka requires 10,000 workers on tourist visas

April 19, 2014
Sri Lanka requires 10,000 workers on tourist visas

Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Sri Lankan President in a press meet stated that the country is in need of foreign workers, as there is a labour scarcity in the country.

He stated that various companies are requesting the government to allow them to recruit the workers from abroad including from India.

An official from a private company has requested the government to allow them to recruit some individuals from Korea.

He also said that around 10,000 individuals currently working in several sectors are in the country on a temporary visa basis. It has also been stated that the country’s education system is being transformed in order to handle the varying requirements of the financial system, while  also simultaneously giving attention to technical education.

The government is also working to free its monopoly as regards higher education. Earlier, this monopoly had led the parents to send their kids to other nations, even if it was costlier or expensive to do so. Meanwhile, graduates with no job opportunities were sitting idle at their homes.

The country’s unemployment rate has increased from 4.0% to 4.4% in 2013, when compared to the previous year, said Sri Lanka's central bank. Also, women from rural areas are showing much interest in seeking employment.

Excluding the agricultural field, remuneration for industrial and service sectors has increased in 2013.

More talented and better-skilled human resources are giving priority to move to other nations in the quest of better jobs which pay them better remuneration in the industry.

Analysts report that foreign enterprises from Western nations particularly in the USA have been using modern ways to provide work for overseas labour from nations such as Sri Lanka and India. This is through ways such as off-shoring work or business process outsourcing.

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