STEM students on F-1 visa would be given OPT for three years

February 10, 2016
A revised regulation to permit the foreign students on F-1 visa who are studying in STEM related fields to get additional time to to job in the US through the extension of OPT program and it would soon become the reality as the Homeland Security Department of the US has put forward it for the review and following official display in the Federal Register.

STEM students on F-1 visa would be given OPT for three years

The US DHS has send the copy of revised regulations to the Management and Budget office of White House. After reviewing and approving, the latest rules would become visible in Federal Register.

It will be help some of the F-1 students by receiving them an extra  two years of OPT apart from approved one year of OPT. The students would get three years to work without any limitations after they complete their graduation from the US University. This will give students enough time to establish themselves in workforce and could also get the H-1B visa through firm they would work for.

Time would tell which entire STEM students will be covered under extra time frames for the OPT program. It would be interesting to see what would come in Federal Register of the US. If the regulation covers entire students from the approval time that is previous year August month, then entire students who had graduated this year will get benefited.

The US District Judge has given US DHS the time to put the revised rule in place and sent it for reviewing and publication. The DHS has done the work quickly and had not used the extra time they had asked for processing the latest rules. Over 50,000 comments came when the US DHS had asked for public comments on the latest proposed regulations.

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