Students in England paying world's highest university tuition fees

November 25, 2015
Students who are studying in the UK universities are paying highest tuition fees in the world. The average yearly charges are twice those in Australia and about six times higher than in Italy and Switzerland.

According to the analysis of around 50 nations by the Economic Co-operation and Development Organization, even the US is also offering cheaper education to the undergraduates.

Students in England are paying highest university tuition fees in the world

England is on the top of the list for the first time, but the charges can increase even more after George Osborne’s statement that the universities can increase the fees in line with the inflation if they could prove they are offering best quality teaching.

The limit of fees in England has risen to around 9000 pounds in the year 2012, and the average charges all over the universities were 6000 per year.

The universities in the US had the second highest average fees with around 5,300 pounds, although the universities in the US like Yale and Harvard charged considerably more than the universities in the UK.

Japan came in third place with around 3,300 pounds followed by Korea, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. In Australia, the fee is around 2,600 pounds, while in Switzerland and Italy it’s just below 1000 pounds.

Previous year’s study revealed that the UK was ranked fifth as the most expensive in the world, and was behind, Chile, US, South Korea and Japan.

Replying to the study report, an owner of education charity told that this significant foreign evidence has revealed that the students who seek to study in the UK are paying more in the UK universities when compared to any other country.

According to him, the figures shall cause the government of the UK to avoid the steps that can hamper the access, and that includes replacing the grants for poor students with loans, slashing the funding, or dropping the independence of access regulator.

Fees in the some parts of European nations that include Denmark, Germany and Sweden are free for the EU citizens.

In Netherlands, many courses are being taught in English, the fee is just around 1,400 pounds and in Ireland it’s just around 1,200 pounds.

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