Surge in number of Israelis giving up their citizenship

January 05, 2015
Increase in count of Israelis giving up their citizenship

As per the new year-end records of the country, it was found that there is a steady surge in giving up of passports of citizens of the country to 65 percent during 2014.   According to the Administration of Border Crossings, Population, and Immigration and Israeli embassies abroad, around 765 applicants have made a request for such a renunciation during 2014 and 478 individuals during 2013. The concerned authorities of the country found that most of the applications where made by the citizens of UK, US and Austria. 

They have also found that around 635 such requests where approved during 2014 and 726 in 2013. Few of the individuals who have applied for giving up of passports stated that they have done so only to not hold the dual citizenship that is being offered by the country recently. Few others stated that they are not willing to subject to the country’s law and remaining noted that the country has regarded them only as a permanently settled foreign national. 

Few other reasons revealed by the citizens of the country are that the country’s government has banned the dual passport holders from the high security positions. All the overseas nationals who are planning to give up the passports have to first submit their requests to Israeli embassies abroad and after the completion the review from the concerned department, the application will  be passed to the Administration of Border Crossings, Population and Immigration section for final approval.

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