Swedish refugee quota reaches 97% target reaching over the past years

February 10, 2014

Swedish refugee - Visa Reporter

The major group that included in the refugee or asylum quote are Palestinians from Syria and citizens of Syria. For this group, a total of 600 openings are reserved and people will be selected from the UN Refugee Agency database.

Over the past years, Syria and its neighboring countries are experiencing the worst refugee disaster. Division head of Asylum inspection of the Swedish Migration Board, Oskar Ekblad said, as already great number of places are reserved for Syrians, it is essential to give the same support for other groups such as Congolese refugees in Uganda.

In addition, for the current year, 2014, Swedish Migration Board also wishes to relocate 150 Colombian citizens in Ecuador  and 200 Afghan citizens from Iran. 150 places for vital cases is assigned by the Migration Board. If there is an urgent crisis during the first half of the year, UN Refugee Agency can make use of these places, or else can be used for Syrian asylum seekers in the second half of the year. Another 350 sites are also set aside in case of any urgent situation and these can be used during any time of the year, for people all over the world.

More or less over 12,900 persons have been shifted as part of the Swedish refugee quota, in the past 7 years. And this covered a total of 13,300 people which reaches 97% of target fulfillment.

Sweden being the principal resettlement country in the European country and the key host country for Syrians living outside the Middle East, Sweden Migration Board is given the job by the UN Refugee Agency to direct the relocation of 30,000 refugees who are presently staying in neighboring countries of Syria.

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