Swiss Support Bilateral Agreements with EU

March 28, 2017

A large part of the population in Switzerland assume the nation’s bilateral relationship with the European Union is crucial and should be sustained by all means necessary, a new survey report stated. The survey was carried out by an institute of research in the country and discovered that around 77% of the population wanted a stable relationship with the European Union to be crucial to the economic development of the country, a report published said.


About ½ of the participants in the poll said that the country’s deal with bilateral relationships was totally significant for the development of the country. Initially, only around 45% of the general public thought that the relationship was advantageous to the nation.


Only around 20% of the public thought that the deal was not for the nation.


Around 44% of the public thought that the relationships the country has with other nations should be re-discussed and only 20% said they would rather prefer the relationships to be disbanded altogether, while around 15% of the populace said they would want the country to be a part of the European Union. When polled if they would prefer that the nation partners with the European Union on the grounds of the present relationships, around 78% of the public said they would want that.


The poll will come as an escape from anxiety for the present government, who as at last December had chosen to keep its bilateral relationships with the European Union instead of enacting its proposed anti-migration scheme in full force in 2014.


The scheme which was accepted by a fraction of the majority in a poll held in February 2014, clamored for restrictions to be placed on migration from the European Union, a total digression from the bilateral agreement that was signed to put in place the unhindered movement of persons across the union.


Following three years of debating and decision making, the government of Switzerland chose not to put in place a barrier but instead, it chose to provide employment preference to workers of Swiss nationalities over international workers in special cases which is a huge dilution of the intended scheme that was greatly bashed by critics as an insult to democracy.


As far as the poll goes, a considerable fraction of the public, around 51%, is in support of the proposed solution put forward by the current administration, while a slim minority, around 38% stated that they were displeased by the government’s decision to keep the bilateral relationship.

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