Switzerland faces the first punishment for limiting immigration

February 18, 2014

Switzerland immigration - Visareporter news
Bern, a city in Switzerland says that, in its present state of being it will not be able to sign an agreement to increase the movement of the people freely, from Croatia, a new member of the European Union.

The decision of Switzerland was as expected, because the voters in that country have supported the idea to restrict immigration following the election that took place on 9th February.

Due to this aforesaid decision, the European Union said on 16th February that it had deferred consultations with Switzerland about its participation in the educational schemes and multibillion-dollar research programs.

As per the law, Switzerland is bound to open its labor market to the nationals of Croatia over the 10 years that starts from 1st July 2014. Aleksandar Heina, ambassador of Croatia in Bern, said it was wrong on the part of Switzerland to not consider his country as a part of the European Union even for the next three years. But for Switzerland, Croatia’s stand in this matter is not acceptable.

One of the EU's fundamental principles is the free movement of people.

As an immediate effect, the Commission said that it would be postponing the talks about the participation of Switzerland in  the billion €14.7 Erasmus+ educational exchange programme and EU’s billion €80 Horizon 2020 research programme.

As for as the cross-border electricity agreement is concerned, the European Union has already put on hold its talks with Switzerland.

According to last month’s speech at Berlin by Maire Geoghegan Quinn, Science commissioner of EU, during the EU research programme held last year, the researchers of Switzerland were awarded €1.8 billion in EU as provision for funds to perform research in areas such as health, nano-sciences and Information Technology.

There are various suggestions in the Swiss newspapers of what is to be done next. This even includes the socialist party’s suggestion for a new vote. 

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