Tech Industry Confronts New Visa Guidelines

April 11, 2017

The present government of the United States is looking to reshape its H-1B program for highly skilled international employees.

The duration period for application for the hiring company driven permit was made open on Monday, and as early as Friday, all of the 85,000 available spaces were taken up.

What this entails is that there would now be a scheduled lottery pick for the permits later in the year. Assisting me to talk about the issues and alterations in the permit scheme from Miami is the reporter on migration, Alan Gomes.

The H-1B permits are just meant to employ people, to provide them some perspective. This is a phenomenon that the information technology department has desired and has made use of for a very long time.

A lot of big firms like Microsoft, Google, and IBM have been bringing in foreign employees for a long time now.

What they are saying is that there are not just enough American nationals that are finishing from the STEM sectors in science, mathematics, technology and engineering to occupy the vacant positions required to be filled.

As such, they require expert hands from overseas to take up these roles and work in the country so their businesses can bubble and become better. It’s been a point of argument ever since the permit was introduced into the migration system and there are individuals who are complaining that it is taking away jobs from qualified American citizens. In truth, it has been one point of argument lately.

We observe how different illegal foreigners come into the country and take over jobs meant for citizens in lower paid sectors, but that discussion has totally moved into the technology industry.

And the bone of contention here is that many of these firms that people claim are sacking American employees, American computer programmers, American technical staff, American system analysts, information technology workers of American descent and are removing the high wages associated with these positions and replacing them with the cheaper H-1B permit foreign workers who would come into the country and work for little or next to nothing in wages.

Last year, for instance, there was a case where Disneyworld was accused of sacking tens of thousands of employees and even requiring them to train the replacements who took over their duties.

The replacements were of Indian descents. This is a situation that has got a lot of individuals angry and a lot of people, especially in the Republican Party, are pretty upset about the whole stuff.

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