Technology world pushes for reforms in US skilled migrant immigration

October 30, 2015
The reforms in immigration have become the centre of focus in the politics of the US as the race for the next year presidential election heats up.   

This week immigration was the subject at the Republican presidential debate, which sparked the controversy over the technology’s role in the scene of politics. 

Technology world pushes for reforms in US skilled migrant immigration

At the middle of the chaos is the H-1B visa, this is the visa which is used by the Silicon Valley for keeping the overseas talent in its core.  

Presidential candidate and Senator Marco Rubio has supported the expansion of usage of these visas for attracting and maintaining the talent for the innovations in technology field. But it has been criticized by some of the conservatives like another Donald Trump who is another presidential candidate. He criticized Marco Rubio for supporting the effort that will seemingly shrink the high technology job numbers that are available to the US workers.

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg and the group, has become the face of the US technology world also pushed for the reforms in the immigration and preferred the expansion of the H-1B visas. His name was also mentioned in the debate that was held on Thursday, and the  had been vocally at the odds with the immigration policies that were proposed like that of Trump’s  which had advocated the deportation of millions of illegal migrants.

But some other technology firms have came forward for urging that the reforms in immigration including the expansion of H-1B visas for maintaining the international ability of Silicon Valley. Now only the time will tell for the technology industries on both the sides to view how politics plays out.

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