The China-Australia FTA is set to get the green signal

October 21, 2015
The Free trade agreement between China and Australia looked set for getting the green signal from the parliament after the government and the labor agreed for changes related to the jobs.

Trade and Investment Minister Penny Wong and the leader of Opposition BiIl Shorten announced today the package of safeguards. 

The changes will put an effect on the three precise areas like requirement of testing of the labour market, protecting the wages and conditions of the Australians and upholding the skills and safety standards of the workplace.

The China-Australia FTA is set to get the green signal

The agreement that has been negotiated between the Labor and the Australian government, the employers who enter the agreement of migration work which also includes under the ChAFTA agreements will be needed for conducting the testing of labour market. 

The new compulsions would be written in the Regulations of Migration, ensuring that they are binded legally. Labor has secured the agreement to many extra safeguards for the work agreements.

These includes the requiring employers to adopt the training plans by showing that they will train the local workers and foreign worker support plans showing that how they would support the workers under subclass 457 visa.

The requirements will be added in the guidelines of Department of Immigration for the work agreement and will be underpinned by the new regulation of migration. 

There will be changes to the salary rate requirements of the market for the workers with 457 visa for ensuring that the temporary skill migration did not undermine the wages and conditions of Australia.

The Migration rule will be changed for providing that rates of wage under the enterprise agreements would be used as the benchmark for assessing that whether the workers under 457 visa are paid market salaries or not. 

The government had already agreed for considering the proposal from the Labor for increasing and indexing the income of who come under the temporary skilled migration threshold as part of the review.

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