The New entrepreneur work visa

December 20, 2013
The New entrepreneur work visa
The government of New Zealand is looking to attract more foreign entrepreneurs to their country, they want New Zealand to benefit from these new business ventures, the economy will get a boost if entrepreneurs do choose to have a business there, creating new jobs will be a boost to both the economy and the workforce of New Zealand. They are to propose a new business visa policy which they hope will attract immigrants to set up “high quality” businesses. This will mean that the higher the quality the potential is here for the business to be nigger and therefore more jobs and more revenue.

As of March 2014 the current long-term business visa will be replaced to a new entrepreneur work visa. The current visa has been in place since 1999 and so is very dated now compared to some visas and the equivalent visas that are available in other countries. For New Zealand to compete in this field they have to change and that is just what they intend to do in March. As the current visa seems to attract quite a large number of fairly low quality applicants the new visa will be aimed at attracting the better end of the market. Better quality, better revenue, bigger boost.

The New entrepreneur work visa will work by being governed by a points system, point will be able to be gained for criteria, and job creation, the potential for export and the experience that the business has. The more jobs that will be made will mean that the intended applicant will gain more points and so the less jobs that can be created will mean that the applicant will get less points, it is that simple. The points system will be able to make sure that only high quality entrepreneurs will gain the high points to obtain the visa and start the business.

There will be other criteria that must be met, this is the same for any visa and although new there does have to be requirements. There will b a minimum capital investment. This is so applicants will have the means to create a high growth in their business.  The New Zealand government know that they have to attract high end entrepreneurs, this way the business will grow and benefit and in turn the country its self will of course benefit from the revenue the business will bring in. the changes are being made and put in place to attract the most talented business minds in the world. To create jobs for New Zealanders.
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