The UK government announces changes in immigration fee from 6th April

January 13, 2016
The UK government had announced the proposed changes to its fees for immigration, visas, associated premium services and nationality applications from 6th April 2016.

The UK government is planning to set highest levels on amount of extensive fees categories that could be charged by Home Office in the coming four years. There are no present plans for raising fees to highest levels.

The key changes that are being made are 2% of small increase on work, visit and study visas, for the fees related to the entry clearance for Tier 2, these would increase from 564 pounds to 575 pounds for three year visa and also increase from 1,128 pounds to 1,151 pounds for the visa of up to five year period.  In the nation additional leave to stay would increase from 651 pounds to 664 pounds for three year visa and from 1302 pounds to 1328 pounds for five years visa. The similar fee would be charged for every dependent.

The utmost fee planned for the entire Tier 2 applications is 1,500 pounds although, as mentioned above there are no urgent plans to hike the fees for this amount.

Same day processing for in country applications would be hiked by 25%, from the present 400 pounds to 500 pounds.

Priority postal processing for the in country applications would be raised by 25% from the present 300 pounds to 375 pounds.

The settlement fees would be raised by 25%, for the key applicant and each dependent applying for the settlement, the fee would be raised from 1500 pounds to 1875 pounds each. If the same day processing is needed, every applicant would now require to pay around 2,375 pounds. The highest level of the fees planned for this category is 3,250 pounds.

The nationality fees would be raised by 25%, every applicant would now require to pay around 1,156 pounds from the present 1,005 pounds.

Fees for the entire sponsor licensing applications would remain at the present rates.  

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