The UK immigration cap might be counterproductive says Committee

December 18, 2015
As per the parliamentary report, the immigration limit of the UK Government is not effective in bringing down the net migration figures and might be counterproductive.

Home Affairs Select Committee had released a document in which it says that the policies which are designed for minimizing the migration rate to the UK had put the NHS on the edge of nursing crisis.

The UK immigration cap might be counterproductive says Committee

After receiving many complaints from the NHS Trusts, the Home Secretary had placed the nurses on the list of shortage occupation in the month of October.

The limit which was introduced in the year 2011, restricts the number of visas issued to the non EU skilled employees with the employment offers to just around 20,700.

The report also found that the policy might have demotivated the skilled employees from visiting the UK, but also stirred the hiring from the EU nations.

The committee report also said that this transaction means that the limit has play a very less role in minimizing the migration.

The monthly cap has never been violated, but when the immigration is hitting the limit, the applications for the visa becomes the matter to the income threshold, that the report highlighted it was inappropriately soaring and out of reach of many nurses.

According to the Chairman of Home Affairs Select Committee, Keith Vaz, the immigration limit by the UK government do not fit and it might be counterproductive. It is not effective on bringing down the rate of net migration.

According to her, the current statistics of net migration reveals a third of million individuals had visited the UK previous year, making Tier 2 limit of around 20,700 least in comparison. Yet is blocking the hiring of important required skills by the employers and the economy of the UK. And when the monthly allocation is finished, the employers had to choose between a nurse or engineer.

She also said that the Britain should be open for doing the business for achieving this it required skilled workers.

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