The United States to issue 4000 more visas to Afghans

May 28, 2016
The Afghans who served as interpreters to the US troops in the Afghanistan would be allowed to enter the United States with valid visas. Senator Jeanne Shaheen an amendment that would allow 4000 additional visas to the Afghans. The visas are exclusively for the Afghans who helped the US troops during the US mission in Afghanistan. 

The United States to issue 4000 additional visas to Afghans

Shaheen, appreciating the contribution of the Afghan interpreters considered them as valuable and important to the United States. 

Thousands of Afghans both Men and Women helped American troops in the field at the cost of their lives. Their interpretation helped the diplomats and soldiers to complete the task effectively. 

Presently, the US has to issue 3600 visas through the special immigration visa procedure to the Afghan interpreters. More than 10,000 are waiting for years for the US visas. 

Congress authorized visas to Afghans but since last few years, the US Republic posing them as security threat blocked the efforts of the Congress. To get continuous support in the future course of time from the individuals we must provide security and safety to them. 

The United States have an obligation to protect those individuals who supported us in the Afghanistan fields. Those have security concerns in their homeland; this special immigration visa will send a positive message that US will not turn its back to the people who supported to the US during tough times.

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